The neighborhood of Chestnut Hills is located in midtown Raleigh in the North Hills area. This neighborhood is well established which makes it great for couples and families. Convenient access to the inner beltline makes commutes to RDU, PNC area, and other Raleigh hotspots quick and easy. Located quick walk away is North Hills shopping center with restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. North Hills and Eastgate parks are just a minutes away, and the Capital Area Greenway is easily accessible.

In recent years, there has been a high demand for housing in this area, however, many of the homes in Chestnut Hills were built before 1960. Since the area is well established, finding land to build new homes on without having to develop nearby forested areas has proven difficult for many homebuilders. We have partnered with Grayson Custom Homes and have developed a great system that allows homebuyers to live in this area without developing new land or sacrificing the quality of home they own.


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We find homeowners in Chestnut Hills who are looking to sell, and after paying fair market price, we relocate the original house instead of demolishing it. By doing this, we are able to preserve homes that have a history, and memories associated with them, while also allowing for the building of a new modern home that is more structurally sound and energy efficient. One of the many reasons we have partnered with Grayson Homes is that their homes pass the standards set by ENERGY STAR® to qualify as a green home. Unlike most green homes, theirs do not sacrifice aesthetic beauty for the sake of energy conservation. Together are able to merge these two aspects together and build a home that is both efficient and luxurious.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Chestnut Hills area we would love to start a conversation with you.